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What is the Metaverse, Exactly?

Overnight, the metaverse concept has become a buzzword in tech and social media. All investors see it as an opportunity. But what does metaverse mean? And what are the business opportunities in it and how could investors in metaverse make wealth?

What is the metaverse?

Frankly saying, no one can give you a detailed description of what Metaverse is. To some extent, talking about the meaning of “the metaverse” seems like a discussion about the “internet” in the 1970s.

Facebook declared that metaverse is the future of the internet and this was after changing its name to Meta. 

Anyway, the term “metaverse” was coined in 1992 by the science fiction writer Neal Stephenson and the term was used to refer to a computer-generated universe. Somehow, it is understood that metaverse will be the next chapter of the internet, with more fun.

Mark Zuckerburg’s version of the metaverse is to virtualize everything: You can attend work meetings as an avatar using the Quest VR headset. When you go outside, you will put smart glasses that deliver augmented reality as well as record what you hear and see. You will be able to experience the metaverse via phones, computers, wearable tech, and headsets (or a combination of these) and it will be almost everywhere; at home, work, street, and club.

We can say that the metaverse revolution represents a combination of several elements of technology, including virtual reality integrated with reality where people can live within a digital world. 

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Many people support the metaverse revolution and are enthusiastic to try its application. They are willing to work, play and stay connected with their friends on different levels, They have a passion to make a virtual trip around the world or dive in the deep of the red sea while they are staying at home and wearing VR glasses.  

What are some examples of Metaverse? 

Here are some endeavors that could lead to the metaverse of the future:

1. Meta: 

Facebook has made considerable investments in virtual reality projects and transformed to Meta as the big umbrella that contains Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Meta proposes a virtual world where digital avatars connect through the working environment, home, streets, travel or entertainment using VR headsets.  

2. Microsoft:  

This software company is using holograms and developing mixed and extended reality (XR) applications with its Microsoft Mesh platform, which integrates the real world with augmented reality and virtual reality. Microsoft already announced that they are planning to bring mixed reality including holograms and virtual avatars to its team in 2022. Moreover, the U.S military forces are working with Microsoft to develop an augmented reality for their soldiers for the purpose of training and fighting. And we cannot forget the “Xbox Live” which is already connecting thousands and millions of video game players around the world, together. 

3. Minecraft:

It is a virtual universe that kids prefer, Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and is essentially the digital equivalent of Legos, where digital characters and anything desired can be built by players themselves. During the Covid -19 pandemic, Minecraft has exploded in popularity among kids who had to spend most of their time on virtual worlds.

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