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Do SEO and Marketing Research with Semrush tool

You would love to get traffic…to your blog. Nobody loves real-world traffic, and neither are we talking about it. Semrush tool is your magic tool for enhancing your SEO analysis.

Our concern is to bring traffic to your blog to increase the chances of your success.

But here is a thing. Go search “how to rank your website,” and there are you are with a plethora of software promising you the world. The trouble starts when you have to make the right decision out of them all. And this is where you are left in a fog.

Don’t worry, we will help you out.

You don’t have to do all the ‘testing’ to know what works best because we have already done that for you. Keep reading the article to get your answers.

Enter: Semrush

You might have heard about Semrush but are not entirely familiar with the features yet. This Semrush review will cover up everything you need to know to make a sound decision for your website.

Semrush tool was launched in the year 2008 with the name SeoQuake. Over the years, the tool became more and more popular among the masses and was renamed Semrush.

Semrush had acquired clients from more than 100 countries with 1,000,000 users by 2016.

As the years have passed, the tool has advanced in both popularity and performance.

Coming to the question, is it worth the price in 2021. Keep reading to find your answers.

Five Toolkits to Help you Grow

Following are some of the things that have contributed to the popularity of Semrush:

Sounds like a complete package, right? What else can one need when one platform can fulfill all the needs?

If you want to outrank your competitors, Semrush has your back with its five primary sections under the SEO toolkit.

What are they? Here you go!

Know About Your Competitors!

To become the best in the game, you need to know your competitors.

Who are they? Who among them are top-rated? What are the keywords they are using?

Know it all with Semrush.

With a domain overview, get to know how your competitors are doing.

You never know how many people visit your website daily, but traffic analytics from Semrush will give you detailed information on the organic your website is getting.

The feature of organic research will help you get top-notch keywords and immense traffic.

This is how you get the map view of your competitive websites.

Another jaw-dropping feature provided by Semrush is the keyword gap. Using this tool, you can explore the keywords your competitors are focusing on. Isn’t it thrilling?

Well, that’s not all about competitor research. Semrush comes up with yet another tool, called backlink gap, to help you analyze the backlink profiles of five of your competitors.

Keyword Research

Talk about keywords, and you have got your best companion. Get more insights in this Semrush Review.

The keyword magic tool will get you many new topics to write about, long-tail keywords, and the most-asked question keywords.

What’s so unique about Semrush?

Unlike other keyword research tools, you will get SERP features for the keywords helping you win against your competitors in all circumstances.

Let’s say you have got your hands on 100s of keywords and want to analyze them all in one go. What should you refer to? You need the keyword difficulty tool to obtain all the relevant information on the keywords:

  • Volume
  • Search difficulty
  • Results
  • SERP features
  • Trend of keywords

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Link Building

Forming a sound SEO strategy involves many important things, one of which Is link building. You need an authentic website tool to power up the backlink analysis to gather useful data related to the domain’s backlinks.

Here is how you can achieve your objectives with the Semrush backlink analysis tool. You will be able to

Semrush will help you track the link-building growth of any domain, and these are just a few snippets from the tons of things you can easily accomplish through Semrush.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking never comes easy, given the fact that there are many SEO tools in the market that don’t offer such a service. However, the Semrush rank tracker tool is all set to help you with this task.

You can now collect accurate Google ranking data and track the ranking of keywords with the help of the position tracking tool. Another good news is that you can get the analytics from both the national and local levels.

You can also perform filter research to eliminate unwanted data and direct your attention to the top domains.

Whether you want to rank your website or make money by running ads on your website, don’t look any further than Semrush.

Ask us about the one platform that can act as a keyword research tool, Google Trends, Moz, Hootsuite, and SimilarWeb. Semrush is your answer!

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