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Earn Money from Home Using Voiceover Skill

After we know the most important ideas that will help you to get income from your voice over skill, we will review the most important tools and sites and through that you can achieve your own source of income from home using only your voiceover skill.

In the beginning, you can start with the easiest paid tasks, and then you should keep moving till you reach the stage of professionalism in your job as a voice over. If you are good at your skill and reach the professional stage, you will get a good job at any company through your voice work.

The most important and famous websites through which you can have your own source of income from home using only the voiceover skill:

1. Getting started as a freelancer (first steps):

Without leaving your home and going to a private studio for recording, with only minimal equipment. Just using your own computer, microphone, free audio recording and editing software such as (Audacity), you can browse voice work online and search for jobs to perform voiceover tasks through freelance platforms such as: Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and other sites. And we will explain Fiverr because they are considered a special case among freelance platforms.

What distinguishes Fiverr from other sites is that you can provide any audio service, such as birthday greetings, commercials, and others for 5$. Of course the 5$ you get paid is just the beginning. Then you can add other features to your service and get more than 5$ per order.

There are people who earn their living and get their own source of income from their home by using the Fiverr site through voice work. One of the most famous voice overs is Redd Horrocks, who quit from her job at a company and went into freelancing and now she earns about $9,000 per month from Fiverr’s voice work. She was able to pay off her debts and buy a new home.

2. Earn Money from Home with has a lot of resources to help you with your voice over job search. Once you register and get an account on this site, you will be able to search for potential clients where you can send samples of your work. It also offers you a unique service and several options available. You can register for free on this site, but there are additional features available on the site for 499$ per year.

3. Earn Money from Home with Soundeals platform

Soundeals is an independent platform that specializes in audio recordings and projects. It is the first and largest platform for voice over artists in the Middle East and North Africa region. It includes talents and professional voice actors, as well as specialists in work related to sound production, such as editing and editing.

The Soundeals platform is the first platform of its kind in the Arab world that acts as a mediator between people with voice over talent and media workers, or companies that need an audio commentator just to ensure their rights. 

Soundeals has collaborated with hundreds of international companies and radio channels such as Kia, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Ley’s, Chips, Western Union, King Abdulaziz University, Al Jazeera, and other partners.

4. Earn Money from Home with Panda Voice Over Website

Panda is the first company in the Middle East specialized in providing voice over services. The professional toolkit for audio industry was developed and approved in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE. The company provides voice over and dubbing services, as well as developing its science to serve the business sector and individuals. It is always characterized by providing the highest quality, the best price, and the fastest delivery service.

As a professional voice over, you can go to the Panda Voiceover website, register and submit an application to join the team that contains a group of voice overs. Pay attention! When you breach any of the terms of joining the site or not complete your data, your request will be quickly rejected. So you should make sure that all your details are completed before applying and they are clear and simple.

In the end, voiceover is not just reading texts or amplifying the voice, it is an art and skill that requires sensory communication across the different layers human voice, and the arts of voiceover is vary and it is according to the written text such as (audio books, dubbing, commercials, and documentaries).

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